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Tagging of Main Page

I recently removed a speedy delete tag that you had placed on Main Page. I do not think that Main Page fits any of the speedy deletion criteria. I request that you consider not re-tagging Main Page for speedy deletion without discussing the matter on the appropriate talk page.

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Invoke this template as:

{{subst:Speedy-Warn|pg=Page|reason='''Reason'''}} ~~~~

Page should be the full name of the page involved, including any namespace prefix such as "Template:", "User:" "Image:" or the like.

Reason should be a fully detailed reason why the page involved does not meet any of the speedy criteria.

If another editor removed the speedy tag, but you agree with its removal and want to notify the tagger, use this template as:

{{subst:Speedy-Warn|other=1|pg='''Page'''|reason='''Reason'''}} ~~~~

Please read over the resulting message. You are responsible for the final text. Please be sure to be polite and to assume good faith on the part of the editor who placed the tag.

You may also want to mark the talk page of the page involved (where the deletion tag was removed) with:

{{subst:oldcsd|CSD subsection|decline reason}}

When used, this template will appear as above. Note that this template must be substituted, or else a red error message will appear.

This template must be substituted. Replace {{Speedy-Warn ...}} with {{subst:Speedy-Warn ...}}.