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This template will add tagged articles to Category:Articles to be split.
This template is intended to be placed on articles rather than talk pages.


{{split2|Article to split to|discussion|date=August 2015 }}
{{split2|Article to split to|discuss=discussion |date=August 2015 }}

Unnamed parameters
  • article to split to: name of new page to be spun off (without square brackets)
  • discussion: location of discussion on the split (without square brackets)
Named parameters
  • date - Given in month name followed by year for use by the categorization system. Use date=August 2015
  • discuss - identical in action to second unnamed parameter


If the following were to be placed on article Foobar:
{{split2|Bar|discuss=Talk:Foobar#Split proposal |date=August 2015 }}
it would produce:

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