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Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal
Great Haywood Jn
Trent and Mersey Canal
River Trent aqueduct
43 Tixall Lock
River Sow aqueduct
Baswich Lock and weir
River Sow Navigation
Stafford wharf
Railway bridge
98 A34(T) Radford Bridge
Hazlestrine Branch
40-42 locks (3)
M6 motorway
39 Longford Lock
38 Penkridge Lock
37 Filance Lock, Penkridge
33-36 locks (4)
79 A5(T) Gailey Bridge
32 Gailey Top Lock
Hatherton Branch(feeder)
Railway bridge
Coven Village
70 A449(T) Brinsford Bridge
M54 motorway
Autherley JnShropshire Union Canal
Railway bridge
Aldersley JnBCN Main Line
Dunstall Water Bridge
62 A41 Tettenhall New Bridge
Summit pound(10 miles)
31 Compton Lock
59 A454 Compton Bridge
29-30 Wightwick locks (2)
The Pool resr. and feeder
27-28 Dimmingdale + Ebstree locks (2)
26 Awbridge Lock
23-25 Bratch locks (3)
22 Bumblehole Lock, Wombourne
20-21 Botterham staircase locks (2)
17-19 Marsh/Swindon/Hinksford locks (3)
16 Greenforge Lock
Ashwood marina + NCB arm
15 Rocky Lock
14 Gothersley Lock
Stourton JnStourbridge Canal
13 Stewponey Lock
31A A458 Stewponey New Bridge
Dunsley Tunnel (25 yd)
12 Hyde Lock
11 Kinver Lock, Dunsley
10 Whittington Lock
Cookley Tunnel (65 yd)
9 Debdale Lock
8 Wolverley Lock
7 Wolverley Court Lock
River Stour aqueduct
6 Kidderminster Lock
16 A456 St Marys Ringway
13 A442 Round Hill bridge
5 Caldwall Lock
Severn Valley Railway
4 Falling Sands Lock
lock to River Stour
Wilden Ironworks
Railway Basin
railway bridge
6 A451 Gilgal bridge
5 A451 Lower Mitton bridge
3 York Street Lock, Stourport
Stourport basins
2 Narrow staircase + broad lock
Stourport basins
1 Narrow staircase + broad lock
River Severn

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