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Adopted distance estimates[edit]

Object Parallax, mas Distance, pc Distance, ly Distance, Pm Source
Systems with a G-type main-sequence star (yellow dwarf) as primary member.
Sun 0 0 0 The distances are measured from the Sun (or from Earth — difference of positions of Sun and Earth is too small compared with interstellar distances), and distance from Sun to Sun is 0.
Alpha Centauri AB 747.1±1.2 1.3385+0.0022
4.366±0.007 41.3±0.07 Söderhjelm (1999)[1]
Alpha Centauri C 768.7±0.3 1.3009±0.0005 4.243±0.0017 40.142±0.016 Benedict et al. (1999)[2]
For other distance estimates see articles on these objects.

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