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Place this template at the bottom of appropriate articles in statistics:


For most articles transcluding this template, the name of that section of the template most relevant to the article (usually where a link to the article itself is found) should be added as a parameter. This configures the template to be shown with all but that section collapsed (hidden):

{{Statistics |descriptive}}
{{Statistics |collection}}
{{Statistics |inference}}
{{Statistics |correlation}}
{{Statistics |analysis}}
{{Statistics |applications}}

By default, {{Statistics}} appears "revealed", "expanded" or "uncollapsed" as above, i.e. not collapsed to leave only its titlebar. (When one of the parameters above is included, the section it identifies is also revealed/expanded/uncollapsed.) Adding  |state=collapsed  will make the template appear collapsed to its titlebar (e.g. {{Statistics |state=collapsed}}, {{Statistics |descriptive |state=collapsed}}, etc.).

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