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Template documentation
Call tree:
Template                  does and calls next
Sudoku 9x9 grid           expands args
Sudoku 3x3 box table      table with 9 boxes, main grid
Sudoku 3x3 box            box with 3x3 cells
Sudoku 3x3 table          table with 3x3 cells, int. grids only

3x3 box args:
1..9 cell digits,
gc - grid color, internal minor grid borders only
c1..9 - cell background colors

Implementation Notes:
|=  is a continuation trick, see{{Chess diagram}}

sN are the style tages for the 9 cells.  Only internal borders are defined.
  i.e. looks like a tic-tac-toe grid., sN contains:
  cell border color style  
  cell background color

Cells are intended to cover the box completely, table bgcolor should
have little impact.

If a cell has no value at all. it's grid borders will not display.
To avoid this, for blank cells, use  .  
As a precaution, pass the grid color gc, to use as the table bgcolor.  
If the cell border is not displayed, the 3x3 table body color shows, which will be the same.

See [[Template:Sudoku 9x9 grid]] for primary documentation.
Modeled after [[Template:4x4 type square]]
Orig: LarryLACa 11/4/05

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