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This is used because it may not be immediately obvious that there is a summary in the article page. Summaries may be directly lifted from the article introductory paragraphs, so for purposes of GFDL notification, the edit history of the summarized page impacts on the history of the page where the summary appears.


This template is the complement to {{Summary in}}, and is to be placed on talk pages of articles that contains summaries of other articles.

Parameters are for article titles. One is required and up to three are allowed (whether more are allowed is unknown). Each parameter needs a pipe character before it. Each parameter is unnamed and may be unnumbered, except that if a value for a parameter includes an equals sign then one and perhaps all parameters must be numbered. Linking is automatic, and link brackets are not to be added.

Italics are not supported.


  {{Summary from|An article}}

      Resulting display with a real link:

  {{Summary from|1=An article}}

      Resulting display with a real link:

  {{Summary from|An article|Another article|Yet another article}}

      Resulting display with real links:

  {{Summary from|1=An article|2=Another article|3=Yet another article}}

      Resulting display with real links:

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