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  • {{Surname|display}}
display – the unqualified surname [optional]

A surname page – Foo (surname) – should have a brief lead that describes the history of the surname. This can be a single sentence as in the example, Cross (surname). If this lead is absent, consider doing a little research in Wiktionary, etc. to improve the surname page.

Place {{Surname}} at the bottom of surname pages. Do not use this template on disambiguation pages that contain a list of people by family name and other entries. Instead categorize the disambiguation page by including the surname parameter with the {{Disambiguation}} template. For example, {{Disambiguation|surname}}. This will include the disambiguation page in Category:Surnames.

If the page title is not the surname itself, add the surname as the first parameter. For example, "Lee (surname)" uses {{Surname|Lee}}. However, this parameter is for display purposes only. {{DEFAULTSORT}} controls sorting of all categories for consistency.

Category:Surnames automatically includes all articles that have this template. Any surname language categories should immediately follow {{Surname}} at the bottom of surname pages, after they have been verified from reliable sources.

A maintenance category includes any template instances with too many or obsolete parameters. (This should be empty.)

If it's just for a section, you can say so: {{Surname|section=y|Lee}}

See also

  • {{Given name}} – For given name pages or sections of disambiguation pages that list people by given names. Can also be used for pages with both given names and surnames
  • {{Hndis}} – For disambiguation pages that list articles associated with the same personal name.
  • {{R from surname}} – Add to redirects instead of {{Surname}}.
  • {{Surname links}} – Aids searching for articles related to a surname.