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The purpose of this template is to collect source text used in several articles in one place, in order to minimize maintenance and storage space. This is the table with the universal physical constants.

Symbol Value[1][2] Relative Standard Uncertainty
speed of light in vacuum 299 792 458 m·s−1 defined
Newtonian constant of gravitation 6.67384(80)×10−11 m3·kg−1·s−2 1.2 × 10−4
Planck constant 6.626 069 57(29) × 10−34 J·s 4.4 × 10−8
reduced Planck constant 1.054 571 726(47) × 10−34 J·s 4.4 × 10−8


  1. ^ The values are given in the so-called concise form; the number in brackets is the standard uncertainty, which is the value multiplied by the relative standard uncertainty.
  2. ^ P.J. Mohr, B.N. Taylor, and D.B. Newell (2011), "The 2010 CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants" (Web Version 6.0). This database was developed by J. Baker, M. Douma, and S. Kotochigova. Available: http://physics.nist.gov/constants [Thursday, 02-Jun-2011 21:00:12 EDT]. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.