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Ancestral taxa
Superdomain: Neomura [Taxonomy; edit]
Domain: Eukaryota [Taxonomy; edit]
Kingdom: Plantae [Taxonomy; edit]
Subkingdom: Embryophyta [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Polysporangiophyta [Taxonomy; edit]
Division: Tracheophyta [Taxonomy; edit]
Class: Rhyniopsida [Taxonomy; edit]

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Parent: Tracheophyta (Taxonomyedit)
Rank: classis (displays as Class)
Link: †Rhyniopsida (links to Rhyniopsida)
Extinct: yes
Always displayed: Yes (major rank)
Taxonomic references: Authority: ?Bierhorst (1971)
  • Banks, H.P. (1975), "Reclassification of Psilophyta", Taxon, 24: 401–413, doi:10.2307/1219491 , p. 405
  • Kenrick, Paul & Crane, Peter R. (1997), The Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants: A Cladistic Study, Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, ISBN 978-1-56098-730-7 
Parent's taxonomic references: Authority: Sinnott (1935) ex Cavalier-Smith (1998)
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