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The Third Opinion Award The Third Opinion Award
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To use this template, add {{subst:The Third Opinion Award|1=Put your message here.}} to the talk page of the user to whom you wish to award it.

Note 1: Subst is required.
Note 2: Your signature is automatically inserted with a preceding dash whether or not the optional message is used.
Note 3: This award may be given more than once to the same user.

Ordinary use

The ordinary use of this award is to recognize a volunteer at the Third Opinion project whose Third Opinion was particularly helpful, wise, or otherwise meritorious.

Service award

This award should also be given to any volunteer who has shown long-term and diligent service to the Third Opinion project (which is generally adjudged by having more than fifty edits at the project with at least one of those edits being in the six month period ending on the date the award was given). The service award is ordinarily given only once to any volunteer. Service awards should be logged at Wikipedia:Third opinion/Service award log.

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