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Trent Lock
Trent and Mersey Canal to Burton
Shardlow Lock
"Clock" Warehouse (Mill No. 2)
Cavendish Bridge, London Road
Shardlow Wharf
Shardlow Marina
River Trent to Burton
London Road
River Derwent to Derby (unnavigable)
Derwent Mouth
M1 overpass
Sawley Weir
Sawley Flood Lock No. 1
Sawley Marina complex
Sawley Locks No. 2
Freight line and towpath
Sawley Cut
River Soar Navigation to L'boro
Redhill Marina/Redhill Lock No. 59
Erewash Canal to Long Eaton
Derby Canal (abandoned)
Midland Main Line to Derby/Trent Junction
Dry dock
Trent Lock No. 60
Flood gate
Midland Main Line and Trent Junction
Cranfleet Lock/Old Sal's Lock
Cranfleet cut
River Trentto Beeston/Nottingham

This is a route-map template for a UK waterway.

Suitable instructions belong here – please add to {{UK-waterway-routemap}}.

For finding bridge numbers, canalplan.org.uk may be useful.

Newer design (started by User:Sladen)[edit]

  • Hopefully more logically; water "flows" from top to bottom.
  • Path of navigation down the Trent remains in the centre.
  • Show the excessive number of marinas in the area.

Old design[edit]

  • Reminded of me of a Swastika.
  • Orientation was closer to compass points.