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A floated table to list committee assignments for members of the United States Congress. An example is listed to the right.

The Congressional term must be specified under congress, as the subcommittee titles are revised with each new session. As with all Wikipedia content, especially about living individuals, this should be verifiable information and a reliable source should be listed under ref. The committees field should list the official House committees and subcommittees. The other field is optional and may not apply to all legislators. Only notable caucuses and committees should be listed.

Committee assignments
113th Congress (2013–15)[1]
Party leadership and caucus memberships


{{U.S. Congress committee assignments
| congress   = 113
| ref        = <ref>Source needed.</ref>
| committees = 
*'''[[United States House Committee ... ]]'''
**[[United States House Subcommittee ...]]
| other      = 
*[[Steering and Policy Committees  ... ]]'''
  1. ^ Source needed.