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U.S. state jurisdictions in U.S. state jurisdictions[edit]

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  • Copy and paste into a legal concept article: {{subst:U.S. state jurisdictions}}
  • This template MUST always be substituted, as above, by prefixing subst: inside the template code, or it will break.
  • This template takes no parameters.


  • This template should be placed near the bottom of a legal concept article, just before the references section.


Major state law legal concepts or subjects, e.g., strict liability, will normally be interpreted by caselaw in a manner peculiar to each U.S. state. Likewise, each U.S. state will normally have its own statutory scheme applicable to the legal concept. Accordingly, at least for broad legal concepts, there should ultimately be a separate article for each U.S. state's treatment thereof.

This template allows you to place a section with links for each of the 50 states in the overarching article on a broad legal concept, pre-formatted for each. While the links appear as a list of the 50 states, the code pipes the link for each state name to the article for that state's treatment of the concept or subject, in the form Name of Concept (State), e.g., Strict liability (Alabama), which will appear as simply Alabama in the list, and so on for each state. Each state will be red-linked until such time as an article is created for that state's treatment of the legal concept.

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