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{{Undisclosed paid|date=February 2021}}


{{UDP|date=February 2021}}

Add this tag to articles for which there appears to be a significant contribution by an undisclosed paid editor. When placing this tag, please also tag the article talk page with {{Connected contributor (paid)}}.

Be careful not to violate the policy against WP:OUTING users who have not publicly self-disclosed their identities on the English Wikipedia.

Content added before 16 June 2014

For content added before the paid disclosure requirement came into affect, use the alternative version of the template:

{{UDP|pre16Jun2014=yes|date=February 2021}}

Disclosed paid contributions

For pages which include disclosed, but still problematic, paid contributions, use {{Paid contributions}} instead.


This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles with undisclosed paid content‎, or a dated subcategory thereof.

This template is a self-reference.

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