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This template contains a list of current players in the Unión La Calera football squad. It can be displayed as a navigation box for transclusion at the bottom of player articles (the default mode) or as a table for transclusion in the team article.
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Current squad of Unión La Calera as of 14 January 2018 (edit)
Sources: ANFP Official Web Site

No. Position Player
1  CHI GK Lucas Giovini
2  ARG DF Pablo Alvarado
3  CHI DF Matías Navarrete
4  CHI DF Felipe Salinas
5  CHI DF Marko Biskupović
6  CHI MF Yonathan Andia
7  CHI DF Francisco Sánchez
8  URU MF Ángel Rodríguez
9  CHI MF Fernando Meneses
11  ARG FW Mariano Barbieri
12  CHI GK Diego Henríquez
13  CHI MF Wilson Piñones
14  CHI FW Francisco Castro
No. Position Player
15  CHI MF Álvaro Césped
17  CHI GK Claudio González
18  ARG FW Gonzalo Abán
20  CHI DF Víctor Morales
21  CHI GK Gabriel Arias
22  CHI DF Víctor Retamal
23  CHI MF Fernando Saavedra
24  CHI FW Matías Contreras
27  CHI MF Gonzalo Barriga
30  CHI MF Gonzalo Jara
--  CHI FW Benjamín Figueroa
--  CHI DF Gastón Zúñiga
--  CHI DF Diego Carvajal

Manager: Víctor Rivero