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{{Unicode Vertical Font Name List SIP}} template code will be replaced with below codes:

!{{vert header|[[Arial]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Arial Unicode MS]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Bitstream Cyberbit]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Cardo]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Caslon Roman]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Code2001]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Code2002]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Charis SIL]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Chrysanthi Unicode]]}}
!{{vert header|[[ClearlyU]]}}
!{{vert header|[[DejaVu Fonts]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Doulos SIL]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Everson Mono]]}}
!{{vert header|[[GNU FreeFont]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Gentium]]}}
!{{vert header|[[GNU Unifont]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Junicode]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Linux Libertine]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Lucida Grande]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Lucida Sans Unicode]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Microsoft JhengHei]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Microsoft Sans Serif]]}}
!{{vert header|[[New Gulim]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Sun-ExtB]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Tahoma]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Times New Roman]]}}
!{{vert header|[[TITUS Cyberbit Basic]]}}
!{{vert header|[[WenQuanYi Zen Hei]]}}
!{{vert header|[[Y.OzFontN]]}}

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If {{Unicode Vertical Font Name List SIP|display_code}} is used, then above code itself will be displayed on the screen, without executing them. You may use this, when you only want to display the code, rather than use the code.

This template is used in Unicode fonts article.

If you're editing this template codes, please make sure that the 2nd <noinclude> tag remains on the same line as the previous code. Please use "Preview" before "Save". Update both (branch of switch) code lines. Sometime Preview may not work properly, rightaway. You must test the SVG image file in your computer first, by using a test html and place a border around the image, to make sure it has necessary sufficient spaces before and after the font name text, so that any side characters will not get cropped/cut. Also very importantly, right after adding a new font here, you also must have to update all of the linked page's "colspan", with the total # of fonts in this template, so that the html table which it appears on / used in, does not break or display in a wrong way. Also update the font name list inside the 'noinclude' tag in those articles, if that is present. Thanks.

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