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Helper template to facilitate a substituted template transform into a template transclusion.

Maintenance templates, such as {{Citation needed}} or {{Refimprove}}, should never be substituted. A trick to avoid that is make a template substitute to its transcluded form.


To turn a template into a self-substituting template, wrap the existing template code with:

{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ifsubst|<includeonly>{{subst:Unsubst|TEMPLATENAME| 1|{{{1|¬}}} | 2|{{{2|¬}}} | named1|{{{named1|¬}}} }}</includeonly>|

 [ ... existing template code ... ]


The name of the template and all parameter names and values supported by the template must be listed in the first line, as parameters of this template.

This template currently supports ten parameters. A parameter value of ¬ is not supported and will be treated like an undefined parameter.

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