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This template is used to render the Linkin Park logo in different colors and sizes with either a white or black background.


{{User Linkin Park/logo|color= |size= |black= |variant= |link= }}

{{{color}}}, {{{size}}} and {{{link}}}[edit]

The "color" parameter renders the "LP" in the logo in your desired color and the "size" parameter renders it in your desired size in pixels. If no size is given, the logo is automatically rendered in its default size (563 x 563 px). The "link" parameter asks whether to link the image to the Linkin Park article, and its default value is "no". For example:

{{User Linkin Park/logo|color=dodgerblue|size=50|link=yes}} produces



The "black" parameter asks whether the logo should be rendered with a black background. Its default value is "no". For example:

{{User Linkin Park/logo|color=dodgerblue|size=50|black=yes}} produces



The "variant" parameter asks which version of the logo to render. It responds to the names of Linkin Park's albums and automatically renders the logo that has been used since the release of Minutes to Midnight. For example:

{{User Linkin Park/logo|color=dodgerblue|size=50|variant=Hybrid Theory}} produces

LPLogo 2000-07.svg

{{User Linkin Park/logo|color=dodgerblue|size=50|black=yes|variant=Hybrid Theory}} produces

LPLogo-black 2000-07.svg