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Wikipedia Typo Team.
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The {{User Typo Team}} template is a userbox for an editor to indicate that they are a member of the Wikipedia:Typo Team. Unless nocat=yes is used as a parameter, this userbox also categorises the page into Category:Wikipedians on the Typo Team.


For the simplest usage, place the following on your user page:

{{User Typo Team}}

Usage with all parameters:

{{User Typo Team
 | float           = <!-- Where to float the userbox: left, right or none (default=left) -->
 | border-color    = <!-- Color of the userbox border (default=black) -->
 | border-width    = <!-- Width of the userbox border (default=1) -->
 | logo            = <!-- What to show in the logo part (default is the tyop/typo logo) -->
 | logo-background = <!-- Background color for the logo part (default=black) -->
 | logo-color      = <!-- Text color for the logo part (default=red) -->
 | logo-size       = <!-- Font size for the logo part. (default=12) -->
 | info-align      = <!-- Alignment of the info part: left, right or center (default=center) -->
 | info-background = <!-- Background color for the info part (default=#acacac) -->
 | info-fc         = <!-- Text color for the info part (default=black) -->
 | info-size       = <!-- Font size for the info part (default=8) -->
 | nocat           = <!-- Set to 'true' to suppress Category:Wikipedians on the Typo Team -->

All parameters are optional.

This template should not be substituted.