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Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World This user is a member of WikiProject Emo.


To place this userbox on your user page, put this template on the page:

{{User WikiProject Emo}}
  • Using this template will automatically add you to Category:WikiProject Emo members. If you choose not to place the userbox on your page, you can still add yourself to the category by placing [[Category:WikiProject Emo members]] on your user page.
  • Please also add yourself to the Participants page of the project and provide a brief summary of your emo-related interests on Wikipedia.
  • Keep an eye on the project talk page for occasional roll calls. This is how the project keeps track of its active contributors.
  • As a courtesy, if you are leaving the project, retiring from Wikipedia, or simply no longer active in the WikiProject, please remove this userbox from your user page. This will remove you from Category:WikiProject Emo members and allow the project to keep its active membership list up-to-date.