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The article you created at [[{{{1}}}]] is not suitable for a Wikipedia article, which must have a notable subject and be verifiable, but it may be a good start for your own userpage. I have moved it to User:Userfied, which is where you are encouraged to write about yourself. You are free to move it back into the (Main) namespace but bear in mind that if you do so, it is likely to be nominated for deletion.

The purpose of a user page is to enable active editors of Wikipedia to introduce themselves to other editors. Wikipedia is not a general hosting service, so you should not consider your user page to be a personal homepage. Content unrelated to Wikipedia or its editing may be removed.

Please see the user page guidelines, especially this section for more information.

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This template is designed for use on user talk pages when userfying autobiographies created as articles in the main encyclopedia.

Please subst this template as follows: {{subst:Userfied|original article title}}

Don't forget to sign with ~~~~

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