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Information icon Hi. Thank you for your help with the vital work of patrolling new pages! Since you appear to be relatively new user and have not been marking new pages you review as patrolled, I was just wondering if you knew about this facility and its purpose. At Special:Newpages, pages that have not been patrolled are shown in yellow highlight, to indicate they have not been reviewed (and as "unreviewed" when using Special:NewPagesFeed a/k/a page curation). It may be a good idea to use the "mark this page as patrolled" link at the bottom of the new page if you think you have performed the standard patrolling tasks and do not wish a second opinion. Where appropriate, doing so saves time and work by informing fellow patrollers of your review of the page, so that they do not duplicate efforts. Thanks again for volunteering your time at the new pages patrol project.

Template documentation


{{subst:uw-patrolled|Additional text}} adds text onto the end of the message instead of "Thanks again for volunteering your time at the new pages patrol project."
  • Please remember to substitute the template using {{subst:uw-patrolled}} rather than {{uw-patrolled}}.