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Place this template in a table caption. It will create a link to a chart of the data in the table.


  • chart – Possible values of parameter chart= are: pie, bar, col, line, sparkline, scatter, area, geomap, intensitymap. For motion chart, see {{motionchart}}.
  • link – What you want for the label on the URL
  • title – The title of the chart
  • nbOfColumns
  • width
  • height


Typing this into your article:

{| class="wikitable sortable"
|+ {{visualizer| Table title |chart=pie |link=View}}
! Task !! Hours per day
|Work || 25
|Eat|| 2
|Commute|| 2
|Watch TV|| 2
|Sleep || 7

produces this:

Table title  (View)
Task Hours per day
Work 11
Eat 2
Commute 2
Watch TV 2
Sleep 7

Limitations and known bugs[edit]

  • Silently fails (blank page) if it doesn't understand table formatting commands (e.g., scope="col" width=10%).
  • You can't check the chart in preview mode; you must save the page first. (Try it out in the WP:Sandbox.)

See also[edit]


The DataVisualizer tool can be used on other projects. It uses the MediaWiki and Visualization APIs.