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:Eighth octave C Middle C :Eighth octave C Middle C gong tubular bell glockenspiel vibraphone celesta metallophones crotales xylophone marimba idiophone B drum A drum F drum C drum G drum D drum timpani membranophone piccolo trumpet trumpet cornet bass trumpet trumpets flugelhorn alto horn euphonium baritone horn horn (instrument) horns alto trombone tenor trombone bass trombone contrabass trombone trombones cimbasso tenor wagner tuba bass tuba contrabass tuba tuba brass instrument Organ (music) Recorder (musical instrument) fipple piccolo flute alto flute bass flute contra-alto flute contrabass flute subcontrabass flute double contrabass flute hyperbass flute western concert flute family Side-blown flute flutes harmonica harmonica accordion harmonium free reed sopranissimo saxophone sopranino saxophone soprano saxophone mezzo-soprano saxophone alto saxophone tenor saxophone baritone sax bass saxophone contrabass saxophone subcontrabass saxophone saxophone family sopranino clarinet soprano clarinet alto clarinet bass clarinet contra-alto clarinet contrabass clarinet octacontra-alto clarinet octocontrabass clarinet clarinet family single reed oboe heckelphone cor anglais oboes bassoon contrabassoon bassoons exposed double reed woodwind instrument aerophone cymbalum hammered dulcimer piano Zither ukulele 5-string banjo mandolin guitar bass guitar harpsichord harp Plucked string instrument violin viola cello double bass octobass violin family Bowed string instrument String instrument soprano mezzo-soprano alto tenor baritone basso Vocal range

*This chart only displays down to C0, though the Octocontrabass clarinet extends down to the B−1 below that C. Also some pipe organs, such as the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium Organ, extend down to C−1 (one octave below C0).