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This template should be placed at the bottom of articles about volcanoes in Oregon (see Category:Volcanoes of Oregon), to allow easy one-click navigation between them in some reasonable geographic order. Please add any missing or new volcano articles in the appropriate sections of the template, in north-south order for each of the Cascade sections and west-east order for the Basin and Range section.

Notes about the sections:[edit]

The High Cascades include volcanoes which are members of the main Cascade volcanic arc and located on or near the Cascade Crest, the main hydrologic divide along the length of the Cascade Range.

The Western Cascades include volcanoes on the west side of the range, most of which are very old eroded remnants (examples: Coffin Mtn, Iron Mtn), but there are also some more recent volcanoes such as the Boring Lava Field.

The Eastern Cascades or Cascade Back-Arc includes volcanoes in the back-arc on the east side of the range. This second, somewhat discontinuous, volcanic arc is about 20-30 miles east of the Cascade Crest, and it includes both older volcanoes (several million years old) and more recently active ones such as Newberry Volcano and its numerous associated cinder cones.

The Basin and Range includes volcanoes in eastern Oregon which are primarily the result of crustal extension or other mechanisms, in contrast to the Cascade volcanoes which are the result of subduction along the Cascadia subduction zone.

The Columbia Plateau includes a large igneous province of flood basalt, the Columbia River Basalt Group.