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  • This is the basic syntax you need to get the Road routes in Western Australia navbox
  • This navbox should only be used for Western Australian roads with at least one route allocation
  • This navbox supports display of up to four routes for each road article.


{{WA road routes

Here's what you should fill in[edit]

  • route: The name of the route, in the form of National Highway x, National Route x, State Route x, or Tourist Drive x
  • shield: Use {{AUshield}} to generate a shield.
    • A custom image can be specified using |shield=[[File:image_name.svg|x20px]]
  • roads: Use {{WA road routes/R|1}}, with the route number replacing the parameter 1.
    • Exceptions:
      • For National Route 1, use R1
      • For National Highway 1, use H1
      • For Alternate National Route 94, use A94\
    • To edit the roads listed for each route, see Template:WA road routes/R
    • A custom list can be specified by entering each road on a new line, preceded by an asterisk (*), such as
* [[Example Highway]]
* [[Some Road]]
* [[Third Road]]
* Unlisted Road
  • For a 2nd route, use parameters route2, shield2, roads2
  • For a 3rd route, use parameters route3, shield3, roads3
  • For a 4th route, use parameters route4, shield4, roads4


What you type...
{{WA road routes
|route=State Route 3
|roads={{Template:WA road routes/R|3}}
... What you get

What you type...
{{WA road routes
|route=National Highway 94
|roads={{Template:WA road routes/R|94}}
|route2=National Highway 95
|roads2={{Template:WA road routes/R|95}}
|route3=State Route 3
|roads3={{Template:WA road routes/R|3}}
... What you get

What you type...
{{WA road routes
|route=State Route 88
|shield=[[File:Australian State Route 88.svg|x20px]]
* [[Connolly Drive]]
* [[Hester Avenue]]
* [[Marmion Avenue]]
* [[Quinns Road]]
... What you get

Note: The above route is made up, I have no knowledge of any future State Route 88

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