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This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain:  Porter, Noah, ed. (1913). "Webster's entry needed". Webster's Dictionary. Springfield, Massachusetts: C. & G. Merriam Co.

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This template should be placed on the main page of a Wikipedia article that includes text from Webster's Dictionary (1913).

The template is a wrapper around the standard template {{cite encyclopedia}}. It takes a number of optional parameters:

Parameters that default to known values and display with those values
year=year    — year of publication, defaults to 1913
title=entry name — the name of the entry in the dictionary 
editor-last=surname — surname of the editor/director defaults to Porter
editor-first=first name(s)— first names of the editor/director defaults to Noah
encyclopedia=title of the work — defaults to Webster's Dictionary
location=location of publication — defaults to Springfield, Massachusetts
publisher=publisher — defaults to C. & G. Merriam Co.
ref=harv — defaults to harv see {{harv}} for details.
Optional parameters
no-prescript=1 — turn off the prescript when there is no copied text in the Wikipedia article.
url=url — url link for the tile parameter
last=surname — surname of the author
first=first name(s) — first names of the author
volume=volume number
page=page number
pages=page numbers
Parameters that can be set to alter the punctuation
separator — The punctuation used to separate lists of authors, editors, etc.
postscript — The closing punctuation for the citation; defaults to none.
mode — Alter the mode. It defaults to Citation Style 1 (cs1)

Hidden categories[edit]

This template will add the articles transcluding it to the hidden category Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 1913 Webster's Dictionary.

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