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This template can be used to call the color of Wuhan Metro lines. The following are included in this template.

In order to call a line's color, the code #{{WHN color|line}} is used (where line is replaced by the actual line number).

{{WHM color|1}} Sample:   0067a4
{{WHM color|2}} Sample:   e99bc1
{{WHM color|3}} Sample:   dab866
{{WHM color|4}} Sample:   b8d200
{{WHM color|5}} Sample:   00a3e9
{{WHM color|6}} Sample:   007733
{{WHM color|7}} Sample:   ee7800
{{WHM color|8}} Sample:   9aaead
{{WHM color|9}} Sample:   a5d4ad
{{WHM color|10}} Sample:   8c3626
{{WHM color|11}} Sample:   fdd000
{{WHM color|21}} Sample:   b60081
{{WHM color|#default}} Sample:   bbbbbb