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This template encapsulates the structure responsible for the banner-collapsing automagic that allows WikiProject banners to collapse themselves when placed inside {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}. It allows this structure to be used by banners that are not suited for conversion to {{WPBannerMeta}} for one reason or another.


  • HEADER1 (required) – the contents of the header row, or the first half of the header row if two cells are used. Contains the project and taskforce links in WikiProject banners.
  • HEADER2if nonempty, triggers the header row to be split in half, with the contents of this paramter being the second cell. The nonempty check is a safeguard against allowing the cell to be blank, which breaks the CollapsibleTables javascript on IE when it tries to attach the show/hide button to the empty cell. To create an 'empty' cell, fill it with a hidden span: <span style="display:none; speak:none;">&nbsp;</span>. Note that the span must contain content (e.g. an nbsp) or Tidy will eat it.
  • BODY – the main body of the template (all that will be visible when not inside a banner shell). Usually this is a nested table.
  • class – classes to be applied to the outer table (e.g. mbox-small)

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