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For WikiProject banners using quality or importance scales, if the parameter ASSESSMENT_LINK is defined, then the words "quality scale" and "importance scale" will be linked to that page. This allows a project to use its own custom scales if they wish and provides a convenient link to them from the banner.

If ASSESSMENT_LINK is not defined, then the banner will check to see if either of the following pages exist:

  • PROJECT_LINK/Assessment
  • or (if PROJECT_LINK is not defined), Wikipedia:WikiProject PROJECT/Assessment

If they do then the banner will guess that this is where the WikiProject's quality and importance scales are kept and will link to this page.

  • If this behaviour is not desired (for example, the page PROJECT_LINK/Assessment does not contain anything useful, then you can set ASSESSMENT_LINK=no. This will link to the generic scales at the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment instead.
  • If the banner has guessed correctly, then it is advisable to set ASSESSMENT_LINK to point to this page. This will remove the warning box from the template page.

For any queries or help with this, please ask at Template talk:WPBannerMeta.