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This hook allows the use of up to ten additional taskforces, over the five already supported in the main banner code. It should be hung on |HOOK_TF=. The parameters have the same names and functions as in the standard implementation, but in parameters beginning tf n or TF_n_, the value of n is an integer between 1 and 10, instead of 1 and 5. A few additional features of available with this hook. They are:

  • PROJECT (Required) – the name of the parent project without the word "WikiProject", used in a variety of contexts; first letter should usually be capitalised. Eg: Tulips
    • BANNER_NAME={{subst:FULLPAGENAME}} – it is assumed that the page name of the banner template is "Template:WikiProject <PROJECT>". If this is not the case then this parameter should be passed to the taskforce hook. Eg: Template:Tulips project
  • category – needs to be passed, i.e. |category={{{category|}}}
  • QUALITY_SCALE – note that it is necessary to re-specify |QUALITY_SCALE= as it is used by the subtemplates involved.
    • class – needs to be passed, i.e. |class={{{class|}}}
  • IMPORTANCE_SCALE – needs to be respecified.
  • TF_SIZE – the default size of the taskforce icons. (It is recommended to precede the size with "x" as this specifies the height of the image instead of the width, which results in a neater banner because all rows have equal width.) The default is a height of 25px. Eg: x30px
  • tf n – this parameter must be passed through to enable and trigger the display of the task force section. Eg: tf 1={{{floridiae|}}}
    • TF_n_LINK – the full page name of the task force's project page. Eg: Wikipedia:WikiProject Tulips/Task forces/Floridiae
    • TF_n_NAME – the way the task force's name will appear in its piped link; redundant when |TF_1_TEXT= is used. Eg: the Floridiae task force
    • TF_n_TEXT – if defined, replaces the default "This page is supported by..." text. E.g.: This page is within the scope of the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Tulips/Task forces/Floridiae|Floridiae task force]]. New members are always welcome! If defined to be "none", then no output will be displayed, although appropriate categories will still be added.
    • TF_n_IMAGE – an image can be defined for each task force. Remember that all images must be free, not fair-use. Eg: Tulipa florenskyi 4.jpg
    • TF_n_SIZE – the size of the taskforce icon, which will override the TF_SIZE parameter, if set. (Again, it is recommended to precede the size with "x" as this specifies the height of the image instead of the width.) Eg: x30px
    • TF_n_QUALITY – if defined, enables the quality categorisations for the main project (e.g.: Category:FA-Class Tulips articles) to be duplicated for the task force. The class arising from |class= and |QUALITY_SCALE= will be used; Eg: yes
    • tf n importance– if defined, enables the use of a separate importance (or priority, if used) scale for the task force.Eg: tf 1 importance={{{floridiae-importance|}}}
    • TF_n_ASSESSMENT_CAT (Required if quality or importance assessments are used) – the assessment category to be used for the task force-specific quality and importance assessments. Identical in syntax to |ASSESSMENT_CAT=. Eg: Floridiae articlesCategory:FA-Class Floridiae articles
    • TF_n_MAIN_CAT – if defined, all pages displaying "tf 1" will be categorised into Category:TF_1_MAIN_CAT. Eg: Floridiae articlesCategory:Floridiae articles
    • TF_n_PORTAL – may be used to include links to portals which are specific to particular taskforces.
    • TF_n_HOOK – enables extra code to be triggered by each taskforce parameter (for example, additional categories, with the use of the /cats hook);

It will also be necessary to use Template:WPBannerMeta/hooks/tfnested if you want to display the "/ project" for each taskforce when the banner is nested.