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Please warn vandals


Thanks for recently undoing vandalism. In the future, when you undo vandalism, could you please use the appropriate template to warn the user (IP or registered) to stop their behaviour?

There are many different warning templates available to use. Here are some popular ones. Please see their documentation pages for instructions.

Each time we use these warnings they should be placed under the title "==September 2017==" (updated to the current month and year), on the user's talk page. If previous warnings have been given under that title, add the next level warning beneath the others, within that section. Clearly, individual cases must be dealt with as seems fit. If the user has not been actively vandalizing for a few weeks or months, start a new section.

The value of warning is three fold.

  • Firstly: it may be heeded.
  • Secondly: it allows other editors to quickly see if that user has been vandalizing frequently or recently.
  • Lastly: administrators require that warnings have been given before they can or will act against persistent vandals.

If a vandal is on a spree or has reached a level 4 vandalism warning and is currently active, waste no time in reporting them to Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism.

Thanks again for helping to protect articles on Wikipedia. Happy editing! Face-smile.svg ~~~~

Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]
  • Advises users to warn vandals after undoing their "work".
  • Uses the (optional) first parameter as the page name you're referring to when saying "Thanks for undoing vandalism...". The page name will be turned into a Wikilink.
  • Auto signs using your own signature, and creates its own section heading.
    • The auto signing will not work if you do not substitute the template.
    • If the auto section heading is wanted, add any value as a second param.


{{subst:Warn|Example|1}} – Provides advice to warn, refers to a page Example, auto section heading, and signed.

{{subst:Warn}} – Provides advice to warn, no reference to a specific page, no auto section heading, and signed.

{{subst:Warn|Example}} – Provides advice to warn, refers to a page Example, no auto section heading, and signed.

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