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Hello, Welcome medical student and welcome to Wikipedia! It appears you are participating in a class project concerning content related to health or medicine. We encourage you to have a look at some advice on assignments, and especially our advice on editing medicine and health topics. If your edits do not meet Wikipedia's sourcing guidelines for medical articles, they may be removed.

Please go through our online training for students.

Before you create an article, make sure you understand what kind of articles are accepted here. Remember: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and while many topics are encyclopedic, some things are not.

Your instructor or professor may wish to set up a course page, and if your class doesn't already have one please tell your instructor about that. It is highly recommended that you place this text: {{Educational assignment}} on the talk page of any articles you are working on as part of your Wikipedia-related course assignment. Communicating with other Wikipedians on article or editor talk pages will help you have a better experience.

We hope you like it here and encourage you to stay even after your assignment is finished!

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