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{{WiR table row|qid=}} will identify all instances of "Wikipedian in residence" as an occupation of the given qid and list them each as a row in the table.


{{WiR table start}}
{{WiR table row|Q56650907}}
{{WiR table row|Q59832181}}
{{WiR table row|Q25212744}}
{{WiR table end}}
Wikimedians in Residence
Wikimedian (Q3809586) Organisation (P108) Link (P2699) Location (P937) Start (P580) End (P582)
Liam Wyatt Edit this at WikidataBritish MuseumBMLondonJune 2010July 2010
Benoît Evellin Edit this at WikidataPalace of VersaillesChâteau de VersaillesPalace of VersaillesFebruary 2011August 2011

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