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WikiProject Anime and manga(Rated Unassessed-class, Unknown-importance)
Wikipe-tan head.png This article is within the scope of WikiProject Anime and manga, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of anime and manga related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 ???  This article has not yet received a rating on the assessment scale.
 ???  This article has not yet received a rating on the importance scale.
Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

The {{WikiProject Anime and manga}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every article within the scope of the project. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has a number of optional ones that add various extra features to the banner.


The full syntax is as follows:

{{WikiProject Anime and manga
 | small = 
 | class = 
 | importance = 
 | listas = 
 | nocat = 
 | portal-featured = 
 | collaboration-candidate = 
 | past-collaboration = 
 | past-collaboration-before = 
 | past-collaboration-after = 
 | rfc = 
 | biography-work-group = 
 | bleach-work-group = 
 | conventions-work-group = 
 | digimon-work-group = 
 | dragon-ball-work-group = 
 | evangelion-work-group = 
 | gundam-work-group = 
 | haruhi-suzumiya-work-group = 
 | hentai-task-force =
 | light-novel-task-force =
 | studio-ghibli-task-force =
 | sailor-moon-task-force =
 | visual-novel-task-force =
 | yugioh-work-group = 
   |yugioh-class = 
   |yugioh-importance = 
 | attention = 
 | merge = 
 | mergefrom = 
 | mergeto = 
 | split = 
 | splitto = 
 | needs-infobox = 
 | needs-image = 
 <!-- B-Class checklist -->
 <!-- 1. The article is suitably referenced, with
inline citations where necessary.  -->
 <!-- 2. The article reasonably covers the topic, and
does not contain obvious omissions or inaccuracies. -->
 <!-- 3. The article has a defined structure in keeping
with the Anime and Manga MoS, and other Manuals of Style, as appropriate -->
 <!-- 4. The article is reasonably well written, with the
prose containing no major grammatical errors and flowing sensibly. -->
 <!-- 5. The article contains supporting materials, such as an
infobox, images, or diagrams, where appropriate. -->
 <!-- 6. The article presents its content in an
appropriately accessible way. -->

General parameters:

  • small – "yes" if the banner should be rendered in its miniature size; this should be used sparingly and only on crowded talk pages for the time being.
  • class – a rating of the article's quality. Options are FA, FL, GA, A, B, C, Start, Stub, List, Dab, and NA. Descriptions of the options can be found at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment. NA is "not applicable".
  • importance – a rating of the article's importance. Options are Top, High, Mid, Low, and NA. Descriptions of the options can be found at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Release Version Criteria#Importance of topic.
  • listas – This parameter, which is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sortkey, is a sortkey for the article talk page. Use this parameter when the title of an article begins with "the", "a", and "an", i.e. A Tree of Palme, you can instead have "listas=Tree of Palme, A" — so that it will show up in the T's... Also used to properly sort names based on surnames instead of the first word, and "List of" articles based on the series name and type of article ("List of Naruto characters" --> "Naruto characters"). Note that this parameter only affects categories used by this banner and will not affect the sortkey of other banners and templates.
  • nocat – "yes" if the article is not to be put into any category.
  • portal-featured - "yes" if the article has been featured on the Anime and Manga portal.

Reviews and collaborations:

  • collaboration-candidate – "yes" if the page is currently nominated as the Collaboration of the Week.
  • past-collaboration – if the article was previously a Collaboration of the Week, the dash-separated dates of the collaboration period; must be left blank otherwise.
    • past-collaboration-before – id number of the article version just before the Collaboration of the Week
    • past-collaboration-after – id number of the article version after then end of the Collaboration of the Week.
  • rfc – "yes" if there is an issue regarding the article which is being discussed upon the talk page and further comments are required.

Work groups:

Needs and requests:

  • attention – "yes" if the article needs urgent attention from other editors.
  • merge – "yes" to record that the article should be merged with one or more other articles. Note that this is not intended to be a replacement for the appropriate merge templates.
    • mergefrom - one or more page names, linked. This will override any use of merge.
    • mergeto - one or more page names, linked. This will override any use of merge.
  • split – "yes" to record that the article should be split into one or more other articles.
    • splitto - one or more page names, linked. This will override any use of split.
  • needs-infobox – "yes" if the article needs an appropriate infobox, or the current infobox needs to be updated.
  • needs-image – "yes" to request an appropriate screen shot or image be added to the article.

B-Class checklist (only visible for articles rated "B-Class" or "C-Class"—see the assessment department for more details):

To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template.