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WikiProject Musical Theatre (Rated C-class)
WikiProject iconWikiProject Musical Theatre is part of WikiProject Musical Theatre, organized to improve and complete musical theatre articles and coverage on Wikipedia. You can edit the article attached to this page, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks.
C-Class article C  This template does not require a rating on the quality scale.
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Place this template on the talk pages of articles pertaining to Musical Theatre as outlined by WikiProject Musical Theatre.

The simple syntax of this template is as follows:

{{Musicals-project|class = }}

The class field designates the assessment status of the article per Wikipedia's Grading scheme.

Use one of the following abbreviations in the class field.

Abbreviation Full Name Notes Category
FA Featured Article This should only be applied after an article has gained Featured Article Status Category:FA-Class Musical Theatre articles
A A-Class This should only be applied after an article has been rated A by peer review of project members Category:A-Class Musical Theatre articles
GA Good Article This should only be applied after an article has gained Good Article Status Category:GA-Class Musical Theatre articles
B B-Class Category:B-Class Musical Theatre articles
C C-Class Category:C-Class Musical Theatre articles
Start Start-Class Category:Start-Class Musical Theatre articles
Stub Stub Article should also have {{musical-theat-stub}} on it Category:Stub-Class Musical Theatre articles
List List Use only if article is entirely a list. Category:List-Class Musical Theatre articles
Cat Category Category:Category-Class Musical Theatre articles
Image Image Category:Musical Theatre images
Portal Portal Category:Musical Theatre portals
Template Template Category:Musical Theatre templates
NA Not an Article Use for pages not covered by other options that do not need to be rated. No Category
Blank Unassessed If the field is left blank, the article will be classified "Unassessed" Category:Unassessed Musical Theatre articles

The full syntax of this template is as follows:

| class = 
| attention = 
| reassess = 
| collaboration-candidate =
| past-collaboration = 
| infoboxneeded = 
| imageneeded = 
| small = 

A description of these fields follows:

Modifier Purpose Possible Values Description Category
class Class of article FA, A, GA, B, Start, Stub, List, Cat, Image, Portal, Template, NA, or blank See above notes Per above
attention Article requires attention immediately Yes or blank To be used if the article is in need of immediate attention. Please use sparingly. Category:Musical Theatre articles needing attention
reassess Reassess the grading Yes or blank To be used if article has undergone significant reworking and a reassessment of its current grade is needed. Category:Musical Theatre articles needing reassessment
collaboration-candidate Article is a candidate for Collaboration of the Month Yes or blank To be used if an article is a current nomination for the collaboration of the month. Category:Musical Theatre collaboration candidates
past-collaboration Article is a past Collaboration of the Month Date of collaboration in the format: Month (Year) -- i.e. June (2007) or blank To be placed on an article that once was a collaboration of the month. Category:Past Musical Theatre collaborations
infoboxneeded Article has no infobox Yes or blank To be placed on an article that lacks an infobox and would benefit from one. Category:Musical theatre articles without infoboxes
imageneeded Article lacks images Yes or blank To be placed on an article that would benefit from the addition of images. Category:Musical Theatre articles needing images
small Alternative small display Yes or blank To be used when template takes up too much space. Use sparingly. No category