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WikiProject Sports (Rated C-class, High-importance)
WikiProject icon This template is within the scope of WikiProject Sports, a WikiProject which aims to improve coverage of sport-related topics on Wikipedia. For more information, visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.
C-Class article C  This template does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
 High  This template has been rated as High-importance on the project's importance scale.
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{{WikiProject Sports}} is a talk page template that is used as a shortcut to other pages in the WikiProject. It is also used as a way of assessing articles. You should supply the correct assessment when you add this template to a talk page.

Typical basic usage for most recently started articles:

{{WikiProject Sports|class=Stub|importance=Low}}

Quality class assessment

For a normal article you have eight choices on how to use this template:

Code Description Consensus
{{WikiProject Sports|class=Stub}} Stub-Class article Stub  Anyone can add this to a talk page without any approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=Start}} Start-Class article Start  Anyone can add this to a talk page without any approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=C}} C-Class article C  Anyone can add this to a talk page without any approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=B}} B-Class article B  Anyone can add this to a talk page without any approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=GA}}  GA  To add this to a talk page, the article must pass the Good article approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=A}} A-Class article A  To add this to a talk page the article must pass A-Class approval process, with at least 2 editors.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=FL}} Featured list FL  To add this to a page, the article must pass the Featured list approval process.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=FA}} Featured article FA  To add this to a page, the article must pass the Featured article approval process.

Some pages in the main space are not articles, but have special purposes. Use these parameters for such articles:

Code Description Use
{{WikiProject Sports|class=NA}}  NA  Add this to the talk page of pages that are not articles, such as navigational lists.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=Dab}} Disambiguation page Disambig  Add this to the talk page of a disambiguation page.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=List}}  List  Add this to the talk page of Lists.

Other pages have parameters for class:

Code Description Use
{{WikiProject Sports|class=Category}} Category page Category  Add this to the talk page of Categories.
{{WikiProject Sports|class=Template}}  Template  Add this to the talk page of Templates along with template documentation.
WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Importance (priority) assessment

The |importance=value parameter records the project's priority assessment rating currently assigned to the article. When this banner appears on the talk page of a non-article, no class value need be applied.

On an aritcle talk page, if the value is unassigned, an invalid value is given, or the class parameter is set to "NA", the parameter defaults to "unassigned" and the template places the talkpage into Category:Unknown-importance sports articles.

Valid values for this parameter, their associated meanings and their categories are given in the table below. Values should be typed as shown (e.g. |importance=Mid):

Importance parameter values (Category:sports articles by importance)
Value Meaning Category
Top Topics that are among the most important, defining articles on sports. Examples include the main article on sports, vital equipment, international governing bodies and leagues/tours/associations, game rules, current world championships (overview article), this year's article on the world championships, current pro world champions. Top-importance articles are often selected for Wikipedia CD/DVD release. If the project has more than a dozen or so Top-importance articles, consider moving some to High-importance. Top-importance sports articles.
High Topics that are of certain but not crucial importance in sports. Examples include former pro world champions, pro world championship top-16 contenders, current amateur world champions, major international events (overview articles), high-profile dedicated venues, game variants, detailed stand-alone articles on aspects of sports. High-importance sports articles
Mid Articles that are reasonably important in sports. Examples include national-class players/teams below world championship level, major national events (overview articles). Mid-importance sports articles
Low Article of limited importance in sports. Examples include previous years' annual event articles, and marginally notable players/teams, venues, events, etc. Media (TV shows, films, books, etc.) relating to sports usually also fall into this assessment level (for this project - a film, etc., project might rate the article higher). Low-importance sports articles