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Promote the project
  • Join this project! Add yourself to the list, and add the userbox to your page, to advertise the project to people who happen to pass by.
  • Invite people to the project – drop a note on the user talk page of editors working on {{{topic}}} topics who aren't project members.
  • Consider promoting the project via the Wikipedia Signpost WikiProject desk.
Improve the project
  • Update the project pages, archive clutter, and make use of the latest automation available
  • Consult the WikiProject Guide for ideas
  • Come up with new ones
Use the project
  • Create a new article.
  • Expand some of the articles (check out [[:Category:{{{stubscat}}}]] or some of its subcategories), always respecting Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View Policy. Also, check the Wikipedia: Manual of Style.
  • Add references to articles which need referencing improving. Biographies of living persons are a particular priority.
  • Assess some of the [[:Category:{{{unassessedcat}}}|{{{unassessedcat}}}]], using the criteria at [[{{{assessmentlink}}}]]. Update the project banner on the relevant talk page.

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Use on the main page of WikiProjects, under a heading like "how you can help".

Example with all parameters:

{{WikiProject help
|topic = Venezuela
|stubscat = Venezuela stubs
|unassessedcat = Unassessed Venezuela articles
|assessmentlink = Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela/Assessment
|newarticles = Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela/new articles
|projcat = Venezuela articles
|langcode = es
|langname = Spanish
|invite = Wikiproject Venezuela invite
|todo = WP:VRNB
|adnum = 20

To see the result, visit Wikipedia:WikiProject_Venezuela#How_can_you_help.

Required parameters

  • topic = - the topic name
  • stubscat = - the project's main stub category
  • unassessedcat= - the project's unassessed articles category
  • assessmentlink= - page where assessment is discussed

Optional parameters

  • projcat= - the main category for all the project's articles, i.e. which includes all the project's articles (MAIN_CAT in the project banner template). Format: Venezuela articles, not Category:Venezuela articles.
  • newarticles= - the subpage where new articles are listed
  • langcode= and langname= (both are needed together) - the two-letter code of another Wikipedia which may be a source for translating content, and the name of it
  • invite= - an invite template
  • todo= - a todo list or page with a todo list on it
  • adnum= - the number of the project's {{Wikipedia Ads}} ad.

Other parameters are required. Note that a reference to the project's cleanup listing is included automatically if it exists.

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