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Basic usage

{{World topic
|name   = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|prefix = <!-- Mandatory -->
|suffix = 
|image  = 
|above  =
|noredlinks = <!-- Set to a non-blank value to suppress redlinks -->

Prefix is what is added before each country listed. Thus "prefix=Music of" creates "Music of Africa", etc.

Additional parameters

|title  = <!-- Leave blank for default: "{{{prefix}}} the World" -->
|group1 = <!-- Leave blank for default: "Countries" -->

Title is the table heading (top). Group1 is the row heading (left).

Overriding the style

|titlestyle =
|bodystyle  =
|abovestyle =
|belowstyle = 
|groupstyle = 
|liststyle  = 
|border = <!--To remove the border: "child"-->
|navbar = <!--To remove the navigation bar: "plain"-->

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