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This template displays a navigation box for use in articles in the Timeline of South African history series.

It also adds appropriate categories according to standardised rules.

Note: I have tried following the existing Category-conventions I have found in the articles without thinking about whether or not they comply with policy. If you disagree with them, and feel a bit uncomfortable editing this (slightly complex?) template, please let me know what you think ought to be changed, and I'll look into it.

Date-appropriate flags are displayed from 1800 onwards.

If a standard-titled sport page is found, a link to it is created. It is further possible to tell it where to find a non-standard-title sport page.


  • Include the template in the first line of the article.
  • Do not subst the template. (Whatever that means?)
{{Year in South Africa|year[|Sport=sportpage]}}
  • The year should generally be a year AD, though it can also be one of a given set of decades, centuries, and even two longer time-periods.
  • sportpage is not normally necessary (as the template knows about standard-titled sport pages) but useful for non-standard-titled sport pages covering sport for the given year (see examples).


1994 in South Africa
1991 1992 1993 « 1994 » 1995 1996 1997
1994 in South African sport

List of years in South Africa

{{Year in South Africa|1994}}
This year has an associated "Year in South African sport" page.
1891 in South Africa
1888 1889 1890 « 1891 » 1892 1893 1894
1891 in South African sport

List of years in South Africa

{{Year in South Africa|1891|Sport=Sport in pre-union South Africa}}
This year has an associated sport page with non-standard title.

To Do[edit]

alt=  link=South Africa 1983 in South Africa alt=  link=South Africa
1980 1981 1982 « 1983 » 1984 1985 1986
1983 in South African sport

List of years in South Africa

{{Year in South Africa|1983}}
If called from a "Year in South African sport" page, an appropriate menu should be added, and also a link to the Timeline of South African sport page.