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Template-protected edit request on November 28, 2018[edit]

Add Cincinnati Time Store to history. and Josiah Warren to persons. FWIW, I thought I was an approved template editor. 7&6=thirteen () 22:30, 28 November 2018 (UTC)

No rationale? I don't see why these need to be added. czar 03:57, 30 November 2018 (UTC)

Ancap twice[edit]

[1] @Frietjes, it doesn't need to be listed twice in the template. It's already in the first section and is not an "issue in anarchism" (the other section). czar 04:43, 13 December 2018 (UTC)

Czar, okay, I'm not sure how I missed that. Frietjes (talk) 12:16, 13 December 2018 (UTC)


Can Illegalism be added to the schools of thought? -Davidmith (talk) 03:11, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Template-protected edit request on 2 February 2019[edit]

Please add the icon for the politics portal.


| below = * [[File:BlackFlagSymbol.svg|15px|alt=|link=]] [[Portal:Anarchism|Anarchism portal]] * {{nobold|[[Portal:Politics|Politics portal]]}}


| below = * [[File:BlackFlagSymbol.svg|15px|alt=|link=]] [[Portal:Anarchism|Anarchism portal]] * [[File:A coloured voting box.svg|15px|alt=|link=]] [[Portal:Politics|Politics portal]]

(The image chosen is the one listed at Module:Portal/images/p). Thanks, --DannyS712 (talk) 04:27, 2 February 2019 (UTC)

 Done chi (talk) 15:03, 5 February 2019 (UTC)