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limited meilage electric vehicles[edit]

dear sirs. i have read with dismay a vast number of comments on limited travel distances of electic powered vehicle and the millions of ££ being spent on installing charging stations, and the reluctancy of buyers to actually buy this type of vehicle. i am NOT a mad proffesor, i have not invented perpetual motion nor a bolt on gimmic to improve the performances of battery cars, i have however the answer to the problem, not only will an electric car be able to embark upon long jurneys as do internal combustion powered cars but my system will generate business oppertunities, employment, and of course clean up the air, this is Not some hair brained idea, this is workable, reletively inexpensive to implement and is just simple plain common sense PLEASE will someone take me seriousely and make contact ???? my email address is---- alanevans450@btinternet.com the simple ideas are often the best ideas ! (talk) 13:20, 29 December 2013 (UTC)