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I have unilaterally made a series of corrections to the spelling of certain kings’ name, as I thought these would not be particularly controversial, but the place where this template really needs attention is the Dynasty VIII / IX kings and some consensus is needed. Nabu-mukin-apli, the only king shown as belonging to Dynasty VIII, was followed by two of his sons, Ninurta-kudurri-usur II and Mar-biti-ahhe-iddina, who are here shown as founding Dynasty IX, which is hardly likely. Also Mar-biti-ahhe-iddina is shown on the “List of kings of Babylon” page as reigning from 943 to 920 BC, but there is no evidence of when his reign ended. It ought to be ca. 943 – … and Shamash-mudammiq’s reign ought to be ca. … – 900 BC, as there is no evidence for when his began. The division into Dynasty VIII and IX is artificial, as the sources generally describe this period as “mixed dynasties” and some assign the whole period from Nabu-mukin-apli (979 BC on) to Nabu-suma-ukin II (732 BC) as the Dynasty of “E.”BigEars42 (talk) 00:21, 11 December 2011 (UTC)