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It's looking good, agree it could use a "crossbuster." Could probably get the band to contribute one under compatible licensing. Will try to email them. Anyone think the bonus DVD from the New Maps of Hell Deluxe Edition should be added under Videos? Vitriolum (talk) 18:44, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

30px|Suffer (1987) 30px|No Conrol (1989) 30px|Against the Grain (1990) 30px|'80-'85 (1991) 30px|Generator (1992) 30px|Recipe for Hate (1993) 30px|Stranger Than Fiction (1994) 30px|All Ages (1995) 30px|The Gray Race (1996) 30px|Tested (1997) 30px|No Substance (1998) 30px|The New America (2000) 30px|Punk Rock Songs (2002) 30px|The Process of Belief (2002) 30px|The Empire Strikes First (2004)

These images don't really help. They're small enough to be illegible, but big enough to take up space. Plus, they're not associated with the albums. It could, I think, use a "crossbuster" logo in the upper-right corner, though. (I don't have one at the moment.) I've redone the layout, mostly nicked from Template:Punk, with a bit of splitting into sections that I think is worthwhile. There's most likely a better way of doing the internal division, but I'm not up on all the latest template technique (like, why doesn't class="toccolors" make a table-header cell automatically the light-blue color we use?) But I still think it's a huge improvement over the old one. grendel|khan 19:20, 2005 Mar 17 (UTC)