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I think we need to solve the problem how this template should look like. Should there be links to the articles which don't exist? There is also a problem with the used names of the countries. We should somehow unify the way how we write there the names of the countries. The question is: Should we use the contemporary names of the countries or the historical names used in the Baroque times?

What is the problem for example?

  • Andean Baroque: in the template there are now 2 links to this article - Ecuador and Peru. I am not sure if it is really the best solution to have there 2 links to the same article (and the country names are the names of the current states). Wouldn't it be better to have there just the adjective - Andean?
  • Czech Baroque architecture: the link is now called Czech (Bohemia, Moravia) - it is a kind of compromise because it is very hard to give one name to the area of the present-day Czech Republic in the past. The name "Czech" didn't exist in the Baroque times - in English they started to used this term in the 20th century when it replaced the older term "Bohemian". The Czech Republic is divided into mainly 2 historical lands: Bohemia and Moravia. We call them together the Czech Republic now - but in the Baroque times there was no republic but a kingdom (Kingdom of Bohemia, Moravia was a part of the so called Lands of the Bohemian Crown) - maybe the best solution is to call it the Czech lands. We need to agree on which names should be used - historical or current (or both)? Will the reader look for the Czech Republic, Bohemia or Bohemia and Moravia? Should be there just one-word name? "Czech Republic" is maybe too long. The word "Czech" is an adjective. Are adjectives also fine or do we want there just nouns?
  • Dutch Baroque architecture: Should be used the name of the country of the Baroque times - the Dutch Republic (current in the template) or the Netherlands as we use it today?

There is also a problem with the Russian Baroque architecture. The link is red but there already exist two articles about the Russian Baroque: Petrine Baroque and Naryshkin Baroque. I don't know how to incorporate them into this template. Maybe it would be better to create a new article about the Baroque architecture in Russia mentioning both of these Russian Baroque styles. What do you think? --Packare (talk) 20:38, 26 June 2013 (UTC)