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I have been thinking about whether or not to include a list of applications in this box.


  • There are many topics directly relevant to Bayesian statistics that might be of interest to those exploring the subject
  • There are topics somewhere between specific applications and fundamental theory, for example Bayesian linear regression, that arguably have a place in the sidebar.
  • Although this might make the sidebar larger, it is possible to use a collapsible section, such that applications are only shown if requested by the user


  • It is probably more desirable to link to pages including this navbox than pages that do not, but applications may well be better suited to a template addressing a different subject.
  • There are potentially an unending number of unrelated, miscellaneous applications that could be added. This is unlikely to be helpful to individuals.
  • The disambiguation page Bayesian and the category Bayesian statistics already have lists of applications

Taking these things into consideration, I have changed the applications section to "techniques", with the idea that links in this section should be restricted to the few items 1. Of general application and 2. Of general interest.

Gnathan87 (talk) 05:34, 5 October 2011 (UTC)