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Cabinet Template[edit]

I think that the current template that lists the various members of the Cabinet is incorrect on a couple of points. First, it refers to the Cabinet of Canada as "the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Canada", and second, Harper himself is not listed. While the Cabinet is usually refered by the name of the first minister, the idea of primus inter pares is still in tact (in theory), so it is not "his" Cabinet; Harper is a member of, and also chairman of, a body of ministers called by the Governor General to advise the Crown.

Unlike, for example, President Bush, or any other president, whose Cabinet is formally subordinate to him (the whole Canadian template appears to have been inspired by the American one, with "Prime Minister of Canada" plugged in in place of "President of the United States", without taking in to account differences in constitutional theory) and separate from his Office, Harper is the chairman of the Cabinet, and is thus also a member of that body. So he should be listed on the template as a member of the Cabinet (which I would suggest be labeled "Current Members of the Cabinet of Canada." CaptainCanada 16:53, 1 June 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]