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Header formatting[edit]

ViperNerd changed the formatting of the header on December 19th. (Here) He commented on his edit by stating There is no good reason for this break from Wikipedia style. And in all caps? Really?

To answer, I'd like to point out that Clemson's official font is Goudy and that the letters are to be capitalized. {{Template:University_of_Virginia}} is one of many Templates that do not conform to "standard wikipedia font". Instead they conform to the logo guidelines of their respective universities.

Unfortunately, I will never be able to revert this edit because it will trigger an edit war with ViperNerd (who happens to be an avowed fan/student/alumni of the University of South Carolina, Clemson's rival) as happens when others revert his edits. I just thought I would clarify this on the talk page and hopefully others can comment on this change and we can come to a common solution.

In the meantime, my only two options are a) revert the edit and start an edit war, or b) never change it. Jober14 (talk) 19:08, 19 December 2008 (UTC)