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Central Saint Giles ‎[edit]

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The result was: promoted by Crisco 1492 (talk)

Central Saint Giles

Created by Prioryman (talk). Self nom at 00:02, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

  • Possible alt hooks:

(Now superseded, see below) Prioryman (talk) 00:08, 11 August 2011 (UTC)


Nitpicking? Probably. But the cited source for the hook says that this is the first UK work for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, while Piano was working for almost two decades prior to the founding of the Workshop. Hook two is not cited in the intro, but is cited in the body. Three checks out. My preference would be for hook #2 or hook #3 if you add Marmite. Gamaliel (talk) 21:09, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

Suggestions for alternate wording:

Gamaliel (talk) 21:15, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

  • Let's not worry about the first hook (though it's accurate - see e.g. [2]) as I prefer your take on the alternative two hooks. I'm happy to leave the choice up to the closing admin. I've added a ref to the lead to cover hook #2. Prioryman (talk) 21:59, 11 August 2011 (UTC)
  • Symbol confirmed.svg Great. I think we've wrapped this up. Gamaliel (talk) 22:08, 11 August 2011 (UTC)



  • Excellent article. Once we hash out the very minor hook issue, this is ready to go. Gamaliel (talk) 21:28, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

Symbol confirmed.svg Ready to go with the updated versions of either alternate hook. Gamaliel (talk) 22:08, 11 August 2011 (UTC)